Saturday, 1 February 2014


Bebu has a tendency to "animate" everything around her. By giving them names. Things like a blanket, or a sticker, or a dog that she might see in our complex. I think most of her names come from cartoons that she might have seen and/or are inspired from something that she has read about. But she tends to find some aspect that is specific to the item and uses that in her naming process. She calls our traditional Kerala lamp "Mr.Lamp". A bug that came visiting was named "Yellow". A moth "Mr.Fly"...Along those lines!

I think it is her special way of making the world more personal. For once you give something a name, it becomes yours! It also makes it easier for her to talk about something when it's not in front of us anymore. Each and every toy of hers has a name that's been given to it by her. We often remember the lost ones by their names. Like Mary ( the little lamb soft toy) that we lost in Chennai. And Rosie (the kitty) whom we forgot at a store once and didn't get back. She feels sad about the losses. And innocently tells me that she remains hopeful that we might find them again. Well, who's to really argue with such hope? Perhaps we might after all:)

We have a new entrant into our lives. Peekey -the peacock. "She" came into our lives one afternoon while trying to make a craft project that we had found in a book. The craft involved making a hamburger with clay, but we ended up creating a bird. She named her immediately and now she happily sits at our book shelf watching us everyday:).

Bebo might soon outgrow naming everything she sees.Until then I love to celebrate how she gives everything around her character and life. Cheers to Peekey!

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