Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bumpy Moons!

Bebu spotted the orange moon day before yesterday. It was quite late and we had the lights out already in our bedroom. I tried to get pictures of the beautiful orange crescent moon, but every time I clicked the pictures would get all blurred.

After every "click", she would want to see the picture in the viewer of the SLR. I was a bit dismayed that I didn't have a tripod and couldn't capture its beauty. I said to her, " Bebu, It's all bumpy!", with a slight frown on my face.

But then little Bebu had an entirely different way of looking at it. She said "I like the bumpy orange moon! It's like lots of moons are popping out of the bumpiness!"

Which, of course, immediately turned a sort of "abandoned attempt" to capture the moon into an "exciting moment" to capture more pictures of bumpy moons.

So here is our best capture of the night! Picture by Me. Title by Bebu.

                                         A picture titled: Bumpy orange moons popping out!

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