Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 year old's can conceptualize what giants manufacture!

When I was younger, I ran a summer camp while at college out of my home where little kids used to come in to do art and craft. I had templates laid out, the kids would come.. I would have instructions, the kids would have to follow along and we would all end up with a craft item that would be pretty much the same, with perhaps a few individual variations..My vision was pretty set on one thing- the craft would have to be completed. The kids should have had something complete to take home to show their moms..

I am now learning to look at crafting with Bebu with a completely different view point. Open-ended crafting has really led to some unique bursts of creativity. With every craft project I learn to see the value in the creative process and her conceptualization of a variety of things...

Instead of looking for a project "to do", projects seem to emerge out of the materials that come our away. Needless to say- the craft box is far from organized, but something is starting to tell me that the unique mix of things that don't always match is what results in projects that are unique both in their outcome and their process..

Bebu has been trying her hand at either creating simple "put-together's" or if she has some elaborate ideas that she can't execute for lack of skill, or patience, she will direct me with quite remarkable clarity to -"help me help her" create her final outcome.

Yesterday she wanted to make a "Pop-up Pizza card with an I love you message up front"

We used Google to learn how to make the pop up card. She chose the colour of the paper, explained how there should be smiley face on the card. She chose the stickers and embellishments that went on the card. I executed the card making, art work and cutting as she patiently sat next to me, watching attentively and searching for stickers and assortment of things to decorate the card.

This is the final card that she plans to gift one of her friends.

The second creative idea that she hit upon yesterday was this "special laptop"

This is a laptop that she "made". When I asked her she explained it as follows - "This is a special laptop. This has youtube. But the backside can also be watched. And when you fold it up you can still watch the top of the laptop"

The first picture has the Keyboard and the Box which has Youtube playing inside it..

 A face on the screen from Youtube..

Then she put the box flat down on the keyboard and went onto explain how you could continue watching the backside even when it was closed.

Quite surprised by her concept, I looked up if such a device existed.. And Lo and Behold!...
Asus had a nifty ad selling their Taichi Tablet-Laptop combination which is exactly what Bebu had conceptualized!


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