Thursday, 8 May 2014

Crowning Glory!

Bebu has been eyeing tiaras for a while. We love browsing through etsy and google for creative ideas! And quite often find something that is "just what she likes, but not quite". Solution to picky almost 5 year olds with "specific" requests? Well, just ask them to make it and give them complete creative control!

This mornings bank trip took us to India's answer to Michaels Craft Supplies: Vividha Novelty Shop!. It's phenomonal what that guy manages to pack into a 10 foot by 10 foot space.Glitter, beads, craft supplies, paper, what have you. And beats prices too..Vividha will need a blog post in itself!  But now onto the crown. The counter being too high for her, she asked me to carry her while she carefully chose the papers: pink and glittery, the bling stickers, the big jewels that go in the middle etc etc

Armed with a bag full of shiny stuff, we headed back home deciding to embark on project- DIY Tiara.
While she usually knows she wants it to look like, she is far from being able to make it herself, so I am pretty much the executor. Since I personally love crafting and have always have, Bebu's requests for these things is a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of deal:). She wants it, we craft it! Today though she decided that she would cut, and I was impressed with her tenacity and patience in wanting to stick to the outline while trying to cut the heart shape out.

Gratitude to Gingy who takes long summer naps and makes these rather messy and crafting creations involving tiny pieces a possibility!

Here's some pictures of Bebu with her own custom designed tiara hand-crafted from scratch!

If and when she outgrows pink and bling, I'll fondly look through these pages:)

Checking herself out in her little mirror making sure its all princessy-perfect!

  Another addition to our quickly growing craft display!

The pink princess with her dazzling crown!

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