Friday, 21 February 2014

Child's play?

Idioms are very interesting indeed. At some point words and phrases take on meanings. I looked up the meaning of the usage "child's play" and found that it meant "a trivial matter".

Gingy loves stacking blocks. She is drawn to them. She can sit with them for a long time. Sometimes by herself. Sometimes with one of us. She loves it when we join in, since her towers get taller. If we are with her and they crash down, she claps. If she is alone and they crash down, she cries. As she stacks block upon block, her little heart probably says, "How about if I just add one more"?

Watching her play with blocks for the past few weeks, a few words have come to my mind. I have learnt that building towers involves:

Being lost to the world.
Getting better.

Now that's a lot of words!

Whoever coined that phrase hadn't probably met Gingy with her blocks yet:)


  1. Love the connecting line through the article and the plethora of learnings you have thrown light on behind this simple-appearing play!

    1. Yes,Indeed! I am learning that although it appears simple, that a lot is actually involved. And thanks for writing here! Appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts:)

  2. Every time i get to sit at ur inspires me...There is immense learning through the learning u share each time. I am glad, though lately, i have started taking more joy even with the second one at home. i seemed to have done so many very things happily and joyfully when i jst had my first son. with the second one coming in and me deviating from the core...has put many things in a different position...REPOSITIONING is fun! thank you pushpa for inspiring me always

    1. Hey Archana! Thanks for taking the time to write here:) I think this blog has been a much needed creative outlet for me. I think inspiration is all around us though right? I am glad to hear about you and your kids!


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