Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Gifting Art and the Art of Gifting!

This last weekend we were invited to my Uncle's birthday. And we were wondering what would be an appropriate gift to give him. This particular uncle of mine is extremely playful and has always gotten down to the children's level whenever we have met him. So while brainstorming ideas on what could be a good gift, we struck upon the idea of gifting him some art! Needless to say, Bebu was only much too eager to get started.

She happily perched herself on our dining table and painted away to her heart's content. She invited me and Hubs to join in and we spoke fondly of my uncle and his beautiful home that she enjoys visiting, while we added a few colours to her art project. Bebu decided to call the piece "Colourful". She was definitely the creative head of the team.

Bebu has also started bringing us little gifts through the day.. she will bake "cookies"  (toy) and present it beautifully on a platter. Or pack a little toy in some colour paper for Hubs to take to work.

She asked to pick up a small badge for one of the children that she frequently plays with. If we go grocery shopping together, she will often point to something that's sold for infants and say to me "Gingy will like this!". A few weeks ago, she asked me to make a necklace for one the girls that she plays with. And told me that she would like to buy Grandma a green saree.

I think it is very sweet for me to see her thinking of others and gifting them little things- not all necessarily store bought or prettily packaged. I particularly find it especially endearing that she would be playing and suddenly strike upon the idea that someone in her life could use a gift:)

It's making me appreciate the art of gifting all over again.


I would love to hear your thoughts! Having said that, I have no energy for hateful messages! Peace:)