Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blinged out!

Bebu definitely has a thing for Bling! And Grandma of course seems to share her passion for shiny sparkly things especially stickers, beads and baubles..

This morning she requested that we make a "Diamond" necklace. (to be said in a whisper with much aura and mystery- just as they do in the movies..)

Here is our inspiration from a google search. The design was chosen by her after scrolling through a bunch of images..

And here is our final product designed by Bebu, bling stickers (from Grandma's stash) all chosen by her for colour and stuck by her- with help from me in only fabricating the structure of necklace..

On the designer herself who was also intent on showing off her pearly whites:)


  1. veda :Dnow tat is a master piece :)


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