Friday, 4 April 2014

Rainbow Rice!

The hot summer afternoons are here! Bebu and I have been doing some simple projects staying cool indoors!

One of our first projects: Rainbow Rice.

All you need is old cheap rice and edible food colour. I luckily have an infant who doesn't seem to be interested in putting it in her mouth. But very very interested in mixing, scooping and doing what the Hubs calls "Alchemy":)

Here are some pictures!

Bebu chose the colours. It was my idea to layer it in a glass bottle, but of course Bebu had her own ideas:)

Did you know it takes intense concentration to make rainbow rice?:) 


Lessons learnt from my little alchemist on how to create the perfect rainbow rice: Mix, mix, mix! Scoop, pour and mix again!

If in doubt, just ask Gingy, she'll show you how it's done!:)

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